Half Pint

Half Pint’s diminutive stature belies his vocal capabilities and huge stage presence, which is often described as explosive and dynamic. 

Born Lindon Andrew Roberts in 1961 in the small town of Rose Lane in Kingston, Half Pint grew up in a musical family, and sang in his school choir from a young age. He began his career in the late 1970s, performing at local talent shows and touring as vocalist with sound systems including Black Scorpio, Jammys, Gemini, Lee’s Unlimited and Killimanjaro. 

His breakthrough came in 1983 when he released his first single, “Sally,” which was an instant hit in Jamaica, and established Half Pint as a rising star in the reggae scene. He followed it up later that year with his next single “Winsome,” which went to # 1 in Jamaica and was included on his debut album In Fine Style. His second album Money Man Skank showcased his distinctive voice, uplifting lyrics and unique blend of dancehall, ragga and roots reggae.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Half Pint continued to release hit singles like “Mr. Landlord,” “Level the Vibes,” “Substitute Lover” and his all-time greatest hit “Greetings” (1986). Albums like One In A Million, and Victory continued to grow his reach in Jamaica and beyond, with loyal fan bases in the US, Europe and Japan. His music typically focuses on themes of love, unity, and social justice, earning him a reputation as a conscious artist. In addition to his solo career, Half Pint has collaborated with many other reggae artists, including Sly & Robbie, Tony Rebel, and Garnett Silk. 

Half Pint’s sound crosses over to other genres, and he’s been an inspiration for bands like the Rolling Stones. The Stones covered “Winsome,” renaming it “Too Rude” and releasing it on their album Dirty Work. Sublime based one of their biggest songs “What I Got” on the chorus of his track “Loving.” He recorded with Long Beach Dub Allstars, Stick Figure and Hepcat and toured the US with Slightly Stoopid.

Today, Half Pint remains an influential figure in the reggae community, known for his positive message and infectious melodies. His music continues to inspire fans and fellow artists alike, making him a true legend of the genre.

We are so excited to welcome back this luminary of the early dancehall era; give it up for Half Pint!



In Fine Style (1984)
Money Man Skank (1984)
One in a Million (1984)
Great Hits of All Times (1985)
Greetings (1986)
Joint Favourites (1986)
Level the Vibes (1987)
Victory (1988)
20 Super Hits (1990)
One Big Family (1990)
Pick Your Choice (1993)
Classics (1994)
Classics In Dub (1995)
Collection (1997)
Half Pint (1997)
Legal We Legal (1998)
Closer to You (1999)
Recollection (2000)
Past to Present (2006)
No Stress Express’ (2008)
Essential Roots Anthology (2008)

June 16 @ 05:30
05:30 — 06:30 (1h)