Derrick Morgan

The undisputed King of Ska, Derrick Morgan performs very rarely, and we are incredibly blessed to be able to present him this year!

In 1959, Derrick Morgan entered the recording studio for the very first time with Duke Reid at Treasure Isle. He cut two popular shuffle-boogie sides “Lover Boy”, a.k.a. “S-Corner Rock”, and “Oh My”. Soon after, Morgan cut the bolero-tinged boogie “Fat Man”, which also became a hit. He also found time to record for Coxsone Dodd.

In 1960 Morgan was so popular that he became the only artist ever to fill the top of the Jamaican pop chart from number one to seven simultaneously. Among those hits were “Don’t Call Me Daddy”, “In My Heart”, “Be Still”, and “Meekly Wait and Murmur Not”.

In the following year that Morgan released the biggest hit of his career, the Leslie Kong production of “Don’t You Know”, later retitled “Housewives’ Choice”. This song sparked a feud with Prince Buster that got heated and spawned a number of diss tracks between the two of them and scuffles between their respective fans. They later reconciled in a public handshake.


Seven Letters (1969)
Derrick Morgan in London (1969)
Moon Hop (1970)
Feel So Good (1975) (featuring Hortense Ellis)
People’s Decision (1977)
Still in Love (1977) (also featuring Hortense Ellis)
Sunset at Moonlight City
Love City
The Legend of Derrick Morgan (1980)
I Am the Ruler (1992) – Trojan Records
Tougher Than Tough (Rudie in Court) (1992)
The Conquering Ruler (and the Sensational Yebo) (1994)
Ska Man Classics (1995)
Ska Man Classics (1997)
21 Hits Salute (1997)
Meets the High Notes Live (2003)
Moon Hop: Best of the Early Years 1960–69 (2003)
Derrick:Top the Top (2003)
Derrick Meets the High Notes (2004)
Shake A Leg (2014)
Storybook Revisted (2019)

June 16 @ 05:00
05:00 — 06:00 (1h)