Cocoa Tea

Cocoa Tea is a trailblazing dancehall artist who helped create the dancehall explosion of the early ‘80s and paved the way for the stars that followed him. His career took off in Jamaica in 1985, and he rose to international popularity in the 1990s. With a consistent production of top quality recordings, Cocoa Tea brings his pure honey voice, laid back feel and good vibes to the fore. Among his most famous songs are “Rikers Island” and “Young Lover”. He gained notoriety in March 2008 after releasing a song titled “Barack Obama” in support of the US Presidential candidate.

In 1989, a supergroup featuring Cocoa Tea, Shabba Ranks, and Home T recorded together under the auspices of both King Jammy and Gussie Clarke. The resulting album, Holding On, was a major hit in Jamaica, as were the singles “Pirates Anthem” and “Who She Love.”


Weh Dem A Go Do…Can’t Stop Cocoa Tea (1984), Volcano
I Lost My Sonia (1985), Volcano
Settle Down (1985), Corner Stone
Mr. Coco Tea (1985), Corner Stone
Sweet Sweet Coco Tea (1985), Blue Mountain
The Marshall (1985), Jammy’s
Cocoa Tea (1986), Jimpy’s
Come Again (1987), Jammy’s
Rikers Island (1991), VP
Rocking Dolly (1991), RAS
Authorized (1991), Greensleeve
Kingston Hot (1992), RAS
I Am the Toughest (1992), VP
Weh Dem A Go Do – Can’t Stop Cocoa Tea (1992), VP
One Up (1993), Greensleeves
Good Life (1994), VP
Sweet Love (1994), VP
Tune In (1994), Greensleeves
Can’t Live So (1994), Shanachie
Come Love Me (1995), VP
Israel’s King (1996), VP
Holy Mount Zion (1997), Motown
One Way (1998), VP
Unforgettable (2000), Roaring Lion
Feel the Power (2001), VP
Tek Weh Yuh Gal (2004), Kings of Kings
Save Us Oh Jah (2006), VP
Biological Warfare (2007), Minor7Flat5
Yes We Can (2009), Roaring Lion
In a Di Red (2012), VP
Sunset in Negril (2014), Roaring Lion

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