Brazilbeat Sound System

Brazilbeat Sound System, featuring Nego Beto Percussion and DJ Mara, have been inflaming dance floors across the globe for over 20 years. With a deep respect for both Brazilian percussion and sound system culture, BBSS deliver explosive live shows. Their global bass sound with live percussion resonates with audiences every time they take the stage.

Brazilian percussionist Nego Beto grew up with the rhythms of Salvador and Rio de Janeiro, and from an early age was playing in cultural groups and samba schools. The samba schools are Rio de Janeiro’s massive carnival groups that practice year round and perform during carnival. He played repinique and surdo drums for Mangueira, one of the champion schools.

Beto went on to study at the famed Villalobos Music Academy in Rio. In the 1980s and 90s he played with top Brazilian acts Paulo Moura, Luis Melodia, Elba Ramalho, Bamba Moleque, Plebe Rude, Lumiar (which later became Cidade Negra) and The Mighty Reggae Band, as well as The Wailers Band on their first tour of Brazil. He has performed extensively in the US, Asia and Oceania.

Nego and Mara wrote the Brazil Beat column for The Beat Magazine, CC Smith and Roger Steffens’ reggae and world music publication, from 1994-2005, reviewing albums and discussing trends in Brazilian music. This naturally led to forming the sound system in 2001, inspired to bring these infectious rhythms to the dancefloor.

These days their sets are a journey that reflect their many influences, flowing from dub to drum & bass, from house music to moombahton, buoyed by the live drumming.

Brazilbeat Sound System release their original music from an eclectic house-truck studio in rural New Zealand, and perform around the world at festivals and events.

Nova LP (2007)
Mexe Menina (Soane Remix) (2008)
Future Is Now (DnB Remix) (2009)
17th Street Mission (2012)
Show de Bola feat. Alexandre Rosa Moreno (2013)
Soul Food + Remixes (2015)
Propaganda Machine feat. MC Dreadeye (2017)
Playin’ Games feat. Rhondi (2019)
Saying (2020)
Tropicalness EP (2021)
Beautiful Linda with Tony Garcia (2022)

June 16 @ 18:00
18:00 — 19:00 (1h)