Beres Hammond

SNWMF welcomes the “King of Lovers Rock” Beres Hammond back to Boom-ville for 2023!

Jamaica has produced many legendary reggae artists, but few have made an impact as enduring as Beres Hammond. The smooth, cool purveyor of lovers rock, Beres Hammond has leveraged his smoky-sweet voice over a five-decade career. With his soulful voice, introspective lyrics, and seamless blend of reggae and R&B, Hammond has become a treasure of the reggae world.

In the 1970s, Beres joined the band Zap Pow, which fused reggae with funk and soul. He quickly made a name for himself as a talented vocalist and songwriter, penning hits like “Last War” and “Mystic Mood.” However, he eventually decided to go solo and carve out his own musical path.

Hammond’s solo career took off with the release of his first album, “Soul Reggae,” in 1976. The album was a critical and commercial success, showcasing his smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics. He followed up with a string of hit albums, including “Have a Nice Weekend” and “Putting Up Resistance.”

Beres formed his own record label, Harmony House Records, in 1985 for the release of his Make a Song album, which had two Jamaican chart-toppers that were influenced by the emerging dancehall style: “Groovy Little Thing” and “What One Dance Can Do”. The latter, produced by Willie Lindo, began to break him into the international market. He scored another hit in 1986 with “Settling Down” on his eponymous release. He left his fame in Jamaica for New York City in 1987. Hammond recorded six albums in the 1990s as well as several compilations establishing himself as one of the top lovers rock artists. 

He returned to the studio in Jamaica in 2001 for Music Is Life, which featured a guest spot from rapper Wyclef Jean. Love Has No Boundaries was released in 2004 on VP Records, and included guest spots by Buju Banton and Big Youth, among others. A Moment in Time appeared in 2008 and featured the hit “Picking Up the Pieces.” His 2012 effort, One Love, One Life, was split into two discs, one dealing with love while the other focused on social issues. The following year Hammond was honored with the Order of Jamaica distinction, his country’s equivalent of knighthood. Heading into the studio after a five-year break, he worked with longtime collaborators like Lindo, Kirk Bennett, and Errol “Flabba” Carter to record Never Ending, which was released in 2018.

Beres Hammond’s music has been described as “timeless” and “effortlessly soulful.” His songs touch on themes of love, social justice, and personal growth, resonating with listeners of all ages and backgrounds. As reggae continues to evolve and change, Beres Hammond remains a constant, a reminder of the genre’s power to connect people and bring about positive change.


Soul Reggae (1976)
Just a Man (1979)
Let’s Make a Song (1981)
Red Light (1983)
Beres Hammond (1985)
Have A Nice Weekend (1988)
A Love Affair (1992)
Full Attention (1993)
Sweetness (1993)
In Control (1994)
Putting Up Resistance (1996)
Lifetime Guarantee (1997)
Love from a Distance (1997)
A Day in the Life (1998)
Music Is Life (2001)
Love Has No Boundaries (2004)
A Moment in Time (2008)
One Love, One Life (2012)
Never Ending (2018)

June 16 @ 02:00
02:00 — 03:00 (1h)