Zvuloon Dub System, Israel’s leading World-Reggae band, emerges from a multicultural middle-eastern music scene, singing in English and Amharic.

Zvuloon Dub System is an 8 piece band with some of the cream of Israeli underground musicians.

Adopting their name from one of the twelve tribes of Israel, the band was formed in 2006 by the Smilan brothers.

They shared the same passion for roots reggae and dub, with influences from a variety of music styles, like Ethiopian jazz and rare grooves from the 70’s, USA’s soul, funk and jazz, alongside with Israeli mizrahi (oriental) music. Similarly to the major producers of reggae, like Lee Perry and King Tubby, the band is also keen on creating not just their own music but their own sound. All their tracks are produced, recorded and mixed in the band’s studio, representing a unique blend of a rich cultural heritage, which can be heard in the debut album, “Freedom Time”.

The critics are hailing Z.D.S debut album!

“Freedom Time takes the listener back to the golden days of reggae in the 70′s – if I had heard the album without knowing who it was, I would have thought that it was a rare Glen Brown production mixed at King Tubby’s. The musicianship, singing, and production are all top notch. It’s great to find new reggae that sounds so authentic yet so natural.”

Michael Goldwasser, Easy Star All Stars

“This small miracle is happening now, with the appearance of “Freedom Time,” the debut album of Zvuloon Dub System.” Album review by Ben Shalev, Haaretz

“Their sound is organic, fresh, and reminiscent of classic 70′s roots-reggae, yet uniquely their own.” The Reggae Review

“…surprisingly good and mature sounding project” Reggae-Vibes.com

The album consists of 9 previously unreleased original songs, and a groovy reggae version of Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendrix. It presents the band’s vision of contemporary roots reggae and dub.

The album released on April 2012 on CD and vinyl under the band’s independent label, Med.Tone Records. the album includes a guest appearance from leading Jamaican DJ, Ranking Joe.

While the album has a laid back and soulful vibe to it, the live performance presents the more energetic side of the band, with a special sound that developed during years of live performing. The band achieved great success in the reggae scene, but also amongst many music lovers from other genres.

The band is planning to release a series of new songs featuring some of the top reggae artists such as Ranking Joe, Milton Blake and more, and an EP with an exciting fusion of Reggae and Ethiopian music from the golden age of the 70s.

On stage, the band brings a fresh breath of vibes from around the world.

With a powerful lead singer, groovy rhythm section and an eccentric brass section, Zvuloon Dub System creates a heavy Dub experience and gives a new meaning to the word reggae.

The message of the band is peace, love, solidarity and equal rights to all, which, coming from such a controversial country, is spot on!

The band backed some of the top reggae singers visiting Israel such as the lead singer of “Israel Vibration”, Apple Gabriel and UK DJ Brother Culture. The band opened the stage for some international reggae singers such as Don Carlos, Barrington Levy, Alpha Blondy and Groundation. In 2011 the band toured in Canada and Cyprus and played all around Israel including in the biggest local festivals.

Lead singer, Gili Yalo, who was born in Ethiopia, walked through the desert at the age 4 on an exhausting journey with his family to the promised land – Israel.

Going through dramatic and extreme situations, he sang all the way to his beloved.

Growing up in a tough neighborhood in Ramla, he is now a role model, to the challenged youth, of all origins.

The members of Zvuloon Dub System are:
Gil Yalo – vocals
Ilan Adiri – tenor sax
Inon Peretz – trumpet
Ilan Smilan – guitars
Simon Nahum – rhythm guitar
Lior Romano – keyboards and melodica
Tal Marcus – bass / backing vocals
Asaf Smilan – drums and percussions


  Listen to the Music of Zvuloon Dub System

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