Formally "Capital Records" recording artist "Zulu Spear", well known as one of the founding pioneers of the 80ís "World Beat" scene, are back- blazing new trails with the release of their latest video & singles: "Dancing in The Jungle", "Pray now!Ē and "The Best of World Beat Music".

Zulu Spear has a long, vibrant and storied history. Originally formed by the late South African exiled singer-composer-dancer, Sechaba Mokeoena, in 1984, the early band featured three women dancers and singers, as well as three current band members, Ron Van Leeuwaarde, Matthew Lacques and Jerome Leonard. The band was an instant hit and played throughout the Bay Area and California in its formative years. The band hit its stride when Sechaba invited dancer Morgan-Nhlapo and dancer/vocalist Gideon Bendile to join the band in 1986. Gideon's key knowledge of the music and harmonies of South Africa help anchor the vocal blend and arrangements that have kept Zulu Spear's audiences singing and smiling for decades.

The three South Africans with the other members join Mbaqanga Rhythms with American Pop, Rock, Reggae, Blues, and Jazz by incorporating electric guitars, bass, keyboards, trap drums with African percussion, vocal harmonies and mesmerizing choreography. The bandís rise to stardom in the 80ís began with a Capitol Records deal, album "Welcome to the USA," which followed on the heels of Paul Simonís "Graceland Album". During their Worldwide touring they were privileged to perform with such stars as Hugh Masekela, Peter Gabriel, The Neville Brothers, Tower Power, Tom Tom Club, Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead), Narada Michael Walden, Al Jarreau, Bobby Mcferrin, Jimmy Cliff, Ladysmith Black Mombasa, King Sony Ode and even Paul Simon himself.

The band has won many awards including the "Bammies" for Best World Beat Band.

Zulu Spearís current lineup consists of original members: Gideon Bendile (lead vocals & dancer), Morgan-Nhlapo (vocals & dancer) , Jerome A. Leonard Sr (drummer & vocals), Ron Van Leeuwaarde, (guitar & vocals) ,Matthew Lacques ( guitar & vocals) and has added new members: Pope Flyne (percussion & vocals ), Jennifer Jolly (keys & vocals ) , Scott "Sven" Vento ( keys & trumpet), Patrick Owens (bass), Zack Pitt-Smith ( sax & flute) and Adam Beach (Sax).

Come check out award winning Zulu Spearís inspiring, uplifting, energetic performance blending African Rhythms with Soulful Harmonies and Mesmerizing dance steps at SNWMF!