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Vernon Maytone (Vernon Buckley), who started singing from the tender age of fifteen, formed the group The Maytones with his neighbour, Gladstone Grant, and almost instantly went in the studio after an audition for Alvin Ranglin of GG records in Kingston Jamaica.

Successfully making a string of hits including: "Funny Man" ,"Loving Reggae" , "Serious Love" , and "Africa we want to go". These successes were generally love songs, but with subsequent release they recorded in a more serious vein concentrating on a rastafarian theme. 
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Judas' "Babylon fall Run Babylon" signaled the direction in which reggae was heading. They continued releasing hits through the mid-70's at Channel one recording studio, securing success with "Madness" which surfaced in the UK through burning sounds.  The album and the single was a mega hit in the UK and many other places, at this time Ranglin promoted the duo as The Mighty Maytones, the release of "Boat to Zion" including the title track, was a hit within the west indies community Africa and the UK, one of The Maytones biggest hit was "Money worries" which was featured in the Jamaican movie 'Rockers' and recently in 2004 recorded with Bedouin Soundclash which featuree on their album sounding a mosaic.

Vernon is still with the group but is doing a lot of solo recordings and live shows around the world, lately been touring with Bedouin Soundclash in Canada, USA and the UK all seems to be going well says Vernon.

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