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spotlight on ghetto youths crew
In 1989, the younger Marleys established the Ghetto Youths International record label along with Ghetto Youths United for domestic releases.  Having identified the children of the ghetto as the spiritual source of their music, they wanted to reach out and help that element through charitable programs. Executive producer Steven Marley states "We call it Ghetto Youths because the youth are the source of the music. I didn't grow up in the ghetto, but I am of the ghetto, and the music addresses the elements of the ghetto, like "sufferation," striving and the upliftment of poor people. So it is the voice of the ghetto speaking to an international audience."

The initial releases consisted largely of family works including the singles "Works To Do" by the Melody Makers, and Stephen Marley's "Rebel In Disguise."  The mid-90s saw the release of the first two Ghetto Youths International albums: Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley's "Mr. Marley" along with "Lion In The Morning" by Julian Marley.  At the start of the new millennium, Ghetto Youths began working with additional artists as reflected on the album "Educated Fools" which includes contributions from Buju Banton, Daddigon, El Pancho, Determine and others.

For SNWMF 2013, Damian & Stephen Marley will bring with them the Ghetto Youths Crew consisting of Christopher Ellis, Wayne Marshall, Black Am I and Stephen Marley's son, Jo Mersa.  All of these artists have selections on the newly released "Set Up Shop Vol. 1" compilation which also features songs from Damian Marley, Stephen Marley and others.

Christopher Ellis is the son of the late-great Jamaican singer Alton Ellis.  He was introduced to Stephen Marley by a mutual friend from Trench Town shortly after his father died in 2008. “He drove me to Hope Road one day,” Christopher recalls. “I sat down with Stephen Marley and the rest is history. Just like that it happened—just like that. Stephen said to me ‘It’s a family thing,’ and I really give thanks for that. I learned so much from him and Damian, just being in the studio—sounds and vibes, all kind of things I’m learning.”

Coincidentally, the very same day that Stephen Marley met with Christopher Ellis, Marley was also contacted by producer Baby G, son of the legendary producer King Jammy, who had a remix track by Alton Ellis that he wanted Stephen to hear. Stephen listened to the Alton Ellis remix and immediately invited Christopher Ellis to join him at King Jammy's studio in Jamaica to sing on the track. The session resulted in Marley recording Christopher Ellis' first single "End of Time," produced by Baby G. Ellis continues to work with Stephen Marley on new materials that will be included in his forthcoming debut album.  Here's the official video for "Don't Change Your Number" from the "Set Up Shop Vol. 1" compilation.

Though best known as a dancehall performer, Wayne Marshall’s multifaceted abilities defy easy categorization. For more than a decade now, Marshall has evolved through different stages in the music industry, playing a crucial role both onstage and behind the scenes as a songwriter, producer, musician, and creative strategist. After collaborating with a variety of reggae’s important collectives, including Ward 21, Vybz Kartel, Sean Paul and Bounty Killer’s Alliance, Marshall has recently aligned himself with the Ghetto Youths International movement—with immediate and explosive results.

After joining the Ghetto Youths camp, he released the epic posse cut “Go Hard,” which also features Damian Marley, Assassin, I-Octane, Bounty Killer, Aidonia, and—most surprisingly—the Worldboss himself, Vybz Kartel.  This selection is included on the "Set Up Shop Vol. 1" compilation. His debut album under the Ghetto Youths banner will be titled "Tru Colors." The brooding title track is a complex psychological study about friendship and disappointment that shows Marshall’s creativity at its finest. Other standout tracks include “Beautiful Wrong” a collaboration with Demarco that looks at the hurtful aftermath of good love gone bad.

One of the newest recruits to the Ghetto Youths International ranks, the culturally inclined reggae singjay Black Am I has already distinguished himself as a powerful voice of Jamaican music’s next generation. While he may be fresh to the music business, Black Am I has got ambition aplenty—and the talent and integrity to back it up. If you don’t know his name yet, then it’s time to get familiar.

In this time, when some of the most fundamental tenets of reggae culture seem to have fallen by the wayside, Black Am I replenishes the great traditions of self-determination, equal rights, and celebration of one’s African identity through hard-hitting yet conscious lyrics. Backed by fresh sounds that blend classical roots reggae with contemporary dancehall energy, the young artist is poised to spark a revolution in the minds and hearts of music lovers worldwide. Black Am I has 2 selections on the "Set Up Shop Vol. 1" compilation including "Modern Day Freedom.

Jo Mersa is the second generation offspring of reggae legend, Bob Marley and eldest son of Stephen Marley. In the same tradition as his father and grandfather, Jo Mersa's music has been deeply influenced by the reggae culture, family and spirituality.  Growing up as a youth in an atmosphere filled with conscious musicians, Mersa naturally began exploring his own musical journey. During his impressionable years, the musical youth would observe his father and uncles Damian Marley and Julian Marley produce music at the Lion's Den studio in Miami, which was the catalyst to Jo becoming an accomplished, self-taught musician, perfecting the craft of how to build his own beats and riddims.

In 2010, Ghetto Youths International released Jo Mersa's first single entitled "My Girl," a cross-over reggae / pop collaboration between Mersa and his cousin, Daniel Bambaata Marley, which was produced at the Lion's Den in Miami by Stephen Marley. Last year, Ghetto Youths released Jo Mersa's second single and music video entitled, "Bad So," which is also included on "Set Up Shop Vol. 1."  The dancehall track hit international air-waves to heavy acclaim, and finds the once fledgling artist rising to the top of the radio charts in major markets, including London, Jamaica, New York City, Boston and Miami. 

  Listen to the Music of Ghetto Youths Crew

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