SNWMF 2016 will soon be announcing many dance performances and workshops that will be fun and entertaining for everyone! All of the performers listed will be showcased on the Solstice Stage except where noted. Performances will take place during the day, both Saturday and Sunday. You can find the Solstice Stage on the vendor lawn next to the Dance Hall. This is in addition to tons of fun stuff in the Kids Zone.


Here's the list of dance performances and workshops that were conducted at SNWMF 2015:


Duniya Drum & Dance Company
This exciting dance troupe performs in both the West African and Indian Bhangra/Bollywood tradition. Bhangra is a traditional harvest dance from Punjab, India now danced at all weddings and celebrations. The traditional music is often mixed with hip hop, reggae, and other styles. Join the Duniya dancers and drummers to learn songs, percussion beats and dance patterns. The West African segment features a brilliant drumming and singing ensemble as well as dance. Duniya will be performing on both the Village stage and Solstice Stage. Check out the schedule for times and locations!

Nor Cal Pomo Dancers & Singers
When the Hinthel (the people) sing and dance, they are giving thanks to our Mother, the earth, for everything they received. The father blessed the people for that respectful deed. During their performances the Pomo dancers lay down a blanket so other people can get involved and lay down an offering for whoever they want blessed. During the last dance of their performance, the people are welcomed to dance with the group to, pray to fix, mend and heal the people and earth, forever. The Pomo dancers and singers will be performing the "Opening Ceremony" on the Valley Stage, Friday evening, which gets the festival underway. In addition, they will bless us with a Pomo Prayer Dance, both Saturday and Sunday on the Solstice Stage.


Capoeira Agua De Beber
Based in Sacramento, they have been teaching and performing capoeira and related folkloric arts from Brazil since 2000. Capoeira is a fusion between martial arts, acrobatics, dance and music. Using kicks, dodges and steps, cartwheels, and spins, the players engage in a dialog of movement. The music is led by a single stringed instrument called the Berimbau.


Group Khindia
Group Khindia is a West African dance and drum performance group from the Mendocino coast, featuring guest drummers and dancers from various parts of CA & other parts of the US. The director, Maria Kostick, studied traditional West African dance in West Africa in 1998, 1999 & 2000. Since then she has studied West African dance intensely in the US. When Aly Diabate, originally from Guinea, West Africa, moved to the area, Maria & Aly jointly started Group Khindia. Maria & Aly currently teach dance classes in the Mendocino area. This is their 4th year performing at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival.


Samba Stilt Circus
Samba Stilt Circus is a collective of musicians, stilt walkers, dancers, and circus artists. Since 2006, the group has brought high-energy flare by blending traditional Brazilian drum rhythms with original music. Animated stilt walkers and elaborate costuming on top of the infectious rhythmic percussion create a one-of-a-kind entertainment atmosphere that is the perfect catalyst for an inclusive, joyful, body-rocking dance party!


Holistic Hooping & West Coast Jugglers
Both Holistic Hooping & West Coast Juggling will be showing off their hooping and juggling skills at the Solstice Stage. Join in to get some "hips on" pointers from the pros!

  Yoga with Karen Small
Karen has travelled cross country for the last 11 years, to teach yoga at Sierra Nevada. Sierra Nevada is one of the first festivals in the country to offer yoga to its attendees. Each morning, we meet to practice in unity and greet the solstice sun. This year, Karen has added a Yoga session each day for the kids!


Fire Dance Performance
On both Friday and Saturday nights, immediately following the final sets at the Valley stage, Holistic Hooping and West Coast Juggling collaborate to form Primordial Spin Fire Dance Performance, a group that creates a mesmerizing, high-energy fire spectacle!


Nathalie Tedrick Bellydancer
Nathalie Tedrick toured internationally with Miles Copeland's Bellydance Superstars from 2007-2013. She is featured in several of the company's DVD's as well as various Persian music videos. Nathalie's dancing has been featured on PBS, BBC, ABC, and more. She has been a principal actress and dancer in both national and international commercials and film. Nathalie is based in the SF Bay area. For bookings:


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