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Someone once said that if Brooklyn and New Orleans had a love child it would be conceived while listening to Rubblebucket: a wild young eight-some from Brooklyn, Boston and Burlington, Vermont (i.e. Ver-brook-ston). Drawing influence from the likes of Talking Heads, James Brown and Bjork, their banging horns and bombastic dance beats provide a landscape for the warm vocals of lead lady Kalmia. In the 2 years since their mythical seminal gig their all-original music has come to define a new genre: rock-ro-beat.

Kalmia Traver and Alex Toth, formerly of the John Brown's Body horn section, have been musical partners for over 5 years. In June of 2007 they joined forces with the worldly percussionist Craig Myers (of Mike Gordon Band) at an art opening/party held in an old milk plant in Burlington VT. The night's magic and chemistry was undeniably potent. In the ensuing months Rubblebucket was born out of 9-hour rehearsals (containing meditative 40-minute vamps), epic home-made vegetarian meals, raucous basement parties, and moonlit escapades in Burlington and Boston.
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Finding inspiration in hard work and honor in following one's dharma, the group dove into a lifestyle of tireless touring. Over the course of two years they gigged their way to recognition in markets throughout the Northeastern and Midwestern USA, and the band's determination and taste for life on the edge never dwindled. At a typical Rubblebucket show a willing participant can expect to dance hard, sweat, feel warm and maybe even happy, they may even feel a communal sense of reverie with the band and the rest of the crowd. That is the dream that Rubblebucket members carry in their hearts.

Rubblebucket won the 2009 Boston Music Award for Live Act of the Year and was featured in the December 2009 issue of Relix Magazine's "On The Verge: 5 Artists You Should Know." Additionally they were chosen by SPIN Magazine as a "Must-hear artist from the 2009 CMJs." 2010 promises to be an exciting year, with a new single to be released in April, Ozomatli support tour this spring, new album & music videos in the works, and festivals including Camp Bisco 9, High Sierra and the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival this summer!

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