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From a foundation of reggae music with an eclectic mix of dancehall and rock come the Reggae Rock band known as Rootz Underground. Since their debut on the Jamaican music scene in 2000, Rootz Underground has now come full circle, evolving into what is now a band that recognises its place in the arena of world music and the front yard of Jamaican music culture.

Now ready to release their sophomore album Gravity, Rootz Underground has toured the world to hone their craft and has spent many nights bussing around the United States and Europe seeking to expose fresh ears to its compelling wails of upliftment and triumph; while at the same time seeking to instill hope with a musical repertoire composite with different aspects of 70's Dub, Rock and Roots Reggae and more modern forms of music fused into what is now Gravity.

Gravity contains fourteen fresh tracks from Rootz underground. It is lead by the first single “Power to The People” which in light of the January 2010 earthquake is 'livicated' to the people of Haiti. The remaining tracks are: “Unknown Soldier”, “Jah Love (is The Solution)”, “Modern Day Jericho”, “History”, “Rastaman Experience”, “Fly Away”, “Streets”, “Raging Bull”, “Enlighten Me”, “Waiting For You”, “Searching”, “Marching On”, and “Rocket”. The album is complete with a remix of their 2008 album track “Time is An Illusion”.

The year 2008 saw the band touring America extensively on joint bills with foundation powerhouses such as Gregory Isaacs, Israel Vibration, The Wailing Souls, Dean Fraser as well as acts such as Anthony B and Tarrus Riley. They have played both the Raggamuffins Festival as well as The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in California and most notably they also released their debut album.

Released in May 2008, Rootz Underground’s debut album MOVEMENT, contained a sophisticated, nuanced story with moody, Jazz-influenced guitar solos, nimble keyboards, ethereal segues, delay effects, traditional African/Jamaican hand drums, razor sharp mixing and call and response chorus vocals that find members harmonizing in agreement with the lyrical message. 
Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

A rich sound, full of careful layers, served as a comfortable bed for some of the most universal and honest lyrics to rest in a reggae mix. From their last album there were favourites such as “Victims of The System” and “Hammer”, which had significant chart success in Jamaica and the Caribbean and “Herb Fields” which was a tremendous underground hit.

The band also offered a full length live CD for free which can be downloaded from the E-store of their website, the compilation is titled "ALIVE" and was recorded on the "Reggae Train Tour" Fall '08 across America. This along with other unorthodox web strategies shows the trend that Rootz Underground has set and plans on maintaining for the future. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has been a constant source of content for Rootz Underground’s fans.

2009 saw the band performing to packed venues alongside the likes of The Mighty Diamonds, Aswad, Dubtonic Kru, Danakil, Toots and the Maytals and Alpha Blondy. In Europe they played dates in France, Sweden, Holland, Poland and Belgium to name a few. In the US - California, Hawaii, Florida, Texas and Louisiana were just some of the locations to receive Rootz Underground.

The journey from the underground to the main stream has been long but now the band can surely claim that their Rootz have sprouted branches and now flowers with a refreshing new compendium of sounds and philosophy compressed into their latest album, Gravity.

Stephen Newland - Lead singer, Charles Lazarus - Lead guitar, Jeffrey Moss-Solomon - Rhythm guitar, Colin Young - Bass guitar, Paul Smith - Keyboard and Leon Campbell - Drummer all agree that almost three years of nonstop touring and interaction with bands such as Danakil have kept them grounded to the music and acted as a sort of gravity, allowing them to be close to their fans on the ground where the music matters. The band believes the revolution will continue as long as they have breath, but maintain that Gravity will keep them grounded as Jamaica's best known Reggae Rock band.

Rootz Underground


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Power To The People

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