EARTH A RUN RED ever since the world discovered the exceptional talent of Richie Spice. His robust, commanding vocal coupled with solid lyrics, make his sing-jay stand out in an industry that produces artistes a dime a dozen.

With an unmistakably distinct style, Richie Spice merges singing and deejaying into a unique art form. He is able to define the two art formats quite clearly, alternately singing or deejaying on his signature tracks.

This talented, versatile songwriter always seems to balance his creations with a dancehall flavour coupled with a defined reggae edge. But whether deejaying or singing, his genre of choice is dancehall with a rootsy vibes. His lyrics often speak of love or oppression, relating to everyday runnings, the plight of his people and the Rastafarian faith, which he strongly embraces. It is striking that he can seemingly effortlessly capture the kind of tone and vibe that fits the mood of a song perfectly.

Eclectic and entertaining, Richie Spice has all the tools to match or even eclipse the musical accomplishments of his well-renowned brothers. RICHELL BONNER aka RICHIE SPICE was born in Rock Hall, St. Andrew. Jamaica on September 8,1971 into the talented Bonner family. With mother and father who were known singers in the community, it was no surprise that they would produce four sons that would one day become household names.

Indeed, mankind would soon make the acquaintances of the Bonner boys – singers Pliers (from Chaka Demus and Pliers), Spanner Banner, Richie Spice and dancehall DJ Snatcher Dogg.

Deciding it was time his younger brother take his place among Jamaica’s greatest singers, Spanner Banner, who already making a name for himself, took Richie on the studio rounds and introduced him to some top producers.

This led to Spice’s first track ‘Killing a Sound’, produced by Dennis ‘Star’ Hayes, followed by ‘Shine’ for producer\musician Clive Hunt.

His equally talented sister Brigett Bonner, along with Clive Hunt were instrumental in the release of Richie’s debut album ‘Universal’. This gave birth to his first major hit, ‘Grooving My Girl’, along with his other hits ‘Earth A Run Red’, ‘Living Ain’t Easy’ featuring Snatcher Dogg, ‘Land of Jamaica’ and ‘Time So Rough’. Heartbeat Records was very influential in gaining international exposure for the album.

With an increasing popularity and demanding fanfare, Richie would soon become a staple on all the major stage shows, locally and internationally. Soon, the stages of Reggae Sunsplash, Reggae Sumfest, Rebel Salute, White River Reggae Bash and Sting, among others, were familiar grounds, with the singer delivering outstanding performances.

Spice often joined his brothers Pliers and Spanner Banner on numerous tours, building his global fanfare all across Europe and North America.

Richie Spice joined the Fifth Element camp with stablemates DJ Chuck Fenda and singer Anthony Cruz. In 2004, “Earth A Run Red” was resurrected into one of the biggest hits of the year, and Richie Spice has been turning heads ever since.