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Jeneile Osborne a.k.a. Queen Omega is a name to be reckoned with in the field of Reggae Music. Hailing from San Fernando,Trinidad. Queen Omega was born to a family of five. Born between four boys, she was given the name Queenie. From a very young age she displayed a passion for singing, and her mother Deborah, on recognizing her talent, encouraged her to pursue a career in music.

She began singing in earnest at kindergarten and continued primary school, where she won Calypso talent competitions over a period of three consecutive years. Her talent was recognized again but this time by one of Trinidad's leading Soca producers, Kenny Phillips. She worked in his studio as a background vocalist on the tracks of some of the biggest names in Soca music and entered local TV talent shows, never failing to captivate the hearts of audiences with her powerful voice.

Queen Omega also appeared on various stage shows with some of Reggae's most prominent artists, such as Luciano, Glen Washington, Junior Kelly and Bushman to name but a few. She accomplished all this while she was attending secondary school. Astonished by her versatility, Kenny Phillips invited her on a trip to Jamaica alongside Solomon Band for the Caribbean Music Expo 2000.

During this stage of her life, Queen Omega was undergoing a spiritual transformation. She had chosen to embrace the way of Rastafari, which inspired her to write and sing meaningful, socio-conscious and spiritual music. Later that year, Queen Omega met with the Greenhouse Family, visited London and recorded her self-titled debut album, "Queen Omega". The album contained favorites such as "Hypocrites and Parasites", "Warning" featuring Capleton and Sizzla and "All For You".

Queen Omega's debut album also featured artists like Archie Wonder and Anthony B. Her second album; "Pure Love" was completed and released in 2002. She returned to Jamaica to perform on "Sum Fest" together with radical Jamaican artist Ninja Man. She later toured England in 2003. The third album, "Away From Babylon" was released in 2004 courtesy JetStar Phonographics Ltd.


This third album made way for her first European tour, which took in Switzerland, Belgium, Italy (Geel Festival & Rototom Festival), Siberia and France (Jamaican Sunrise Festival). Additionally, Queen Omega has performed at the African Festival in Germany, Sierra Nevada Festival in California, Soca Reggae RiverSplash in Slovenia, Reggae Fest in Serbia and Reggae Festival in Sweden. Queen Omega performed on Tony Rebel's "Rebel Salute" staged in 2004, which earned a lot of respect for her among the Jamaican audience. She has opened for International Reggae Headliners such as Glen Washington, Bushman, Junior Kelly, Luciano, Buju Banton, Jah Mason, Anthony B, Chuck Fender, Richie Spice & Determine just to name a few.

In Trinidad the home of Soca music, Queen Omega has performed Reggae music at; Chaguaramas Mobs 2 (1998 & 2003), Queens Park Savannah for 96.1 & 98.9 FM from 1998 to 2000, Icons of Music 2002 (QPS), Hands Across the Sea 2004 (QPS).

Queen Omega's fourth album entitled "Destiny" is truly amazing and features a dancehall feel with soulful R&B overtones. "Destiny" is one of the best Roots Reggae albums ever recorded by a Rasta Woman it reveals the depth and evolution of Queen Omega's cultural music. Produced by Special Delivery Records, in France,

"Servant of Jah Army" her fifth album produced by none other than, the Mad Professor himself, on the Ariwa Sounds Label was released in 2006. This project was reviewed as an Ariwa debut from a Rasta Female Icon perspective. Her deep song writing ability demonstrates her social consciousness. The "Servant of Jah Army" project is credited with stellar musicians; Drums: Sly Dunbar, Drumtan Ward. Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, Don Chandler, Keyboards: Leroy Mafia, Black Steel, Carolineguitars: Black Steelbrass, Flute: Dean Fraser, Stepper, Rico all recorded At Ariwa Sounds produced By Mad Professor, engineered By Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa. "Servant of Jah Army" is currently available on the web.

Queen Omega is Trinidad's true "Queen of Reggae." She has more than demonstrated her talents on her five Reggae beat albums. She compels a depth of talent with heartical Reggae beats and is ready to sing out to new destinations in the world. Without a doubt Queen Omega is strong contender for the international title of "Queen of Reggae". She will be hard to beat.

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