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QUEEN MAKEDAH of Zion serves up conscious, inspirational lyrics in a unique musical blend that fuses sweet full-throated vocal harmonies and delicious flavors of gospel, jazz and Middle Eastern music to muscular roots reggae rhythms.

Lead vocalist extraordinaire QUEEN MAKEDAH's passion for the truths and rights message of roots reggae music was kindled as a youth growing up amid the political ferment of the 1970s. Born and raised in Kansas City in the midst of the historical 18th & Vine Street jazz district, QUEEN MAKEDAH's role models were the powerhouse jazz, R&B and gospel vocalists and storytellers - Billie Holliday, Sarah Vaughn, Aretha Franklin, Tramaine Hawkins - whose music helped shape her exceptional soul-stirring vocal style. Inspired by such vocal trailblazers, the talented young songstress had won a recording contract by age 16. QUEEN MAKEDAH's songwriting talent flowered during her spiritual sojourn in Jerusalem, her home for fifteen years; the inspirational words of the Torah, the Prophets and the Psalms of David instill the Judaic roots and the cultural consciousness she pours into the heartfelt lyrics of her music. It was there that she and her musical director Tuviel ‘Chariot’ Levi collaborated and produced two albums as a writing duo, the first (The Awakening) of which was co-produced by Jamaican rhythm master, singer and bandleader Ras Michael, recently featured in the Smithsonian's series on Niyabingi. This winter brings the regional release of her new album Spiritual Healing and her new single ‘Bless Africa,’ ( which addresses the brutal and senseless injustice in Darfur. Both are currently receiving airplay on radio stations throughout the West Coast. QUEEN MAKEDAH has also performed live for many years before adoring audiences at numerous festivals, cabarets and venues throughout Israel and the USA.
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The talented and experienced musicians in her rock-solid backing band, the SHEBA WARRIORS, are led by QUEEN MAKEDAH's musical director and keyboardist, Brooklyn-born Tuviel 'Chariot' Levi, a gifted writer/producer who captures the essence of the roots reggae rhythm and vibe. Tuviel took his degree in audio engineering to the UK, where he worked in the studios alongside members of Steel Pulse; he says, “being in their presence gave a boost to my writing and production skills through being exposed to their level of professionalism and musicality.” Other members of the Sheba Warriors are: Herb Daly on bass (Rastafarians, Congos, Ken Boothe), Lou Neuberger on drums (Rocker-T, Edi Fitzroy), professionally trained harmony vocalists Kellie McCoy (Prestige, Mega Banton, Wadi Gad) and Sister Alreca (Sister I-Live, Queen Omega, Prestige), Benny Torres on guitars (Ras Midas, Edi Fitzroy, Earl Zero), and Melchi’zedek Lewis on percussion (Fania Allstars, Chief Hawthorne Bey).

When not in Israel, QUEEN MAKEDAH resides in the East Bay area of California with her husband and two beautiful children. Queen Makedah is currently in Northern California recording, performing and promoting her music.

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