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SNWMF would like to thank Christopher Harris for contributing his wonderful photographs to our web site.

About Christopher Harris:
Born and raised in Berkeley, I have been blessed to be exposed to many Peoples, Faiths and Ideas. I have learned that Beauty and the Divine are all around each one of us, and that they only require us to simply slow down, stop, and take the time to truly see them.

Reggae music has meant a lot of things to me through the years. Through both its message and its messengers, reggae has been a real source of strength, support & healing in my life.

The first time I took a camera to a live reggae show I was just thinking "If I take pictures, I'll have a better shot at remembering this next week." But it seems inevitable to me now that I would attempt to capture the Beauty of the experience, and proof of the Divine that I have been able to share it.

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