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Ooklah the Moc is at the forefront of the current Reggae renaissance coming from Hawaii. From these small islands comes a huge sound, dedicated to forwarding a deeper understanding of the islands, based on the push for a stronger connection to the powerful vibe and beauty of their land.

Formed in 1997, Ooklah the Moc’s first incarnation consisted of a 4 piece group playing hardcore punk music, influenced by the sound and message of Reggae. Eventually as the group expanded in size and scope, late 70's-mid 80’s era Roots Reggae became the main focus. Their take on classic Jamaican and UK–inspired Reggae, infused with their Punk background and an indigenous Hawaiian ethos, created an altogether new sound not heard anywhere else.

Now a full 9-piece band featuring a soaring horn section, driving drum and bass, masterful keyboards and three harmony-based vocalists, Ooklah the Moc is set to take over the mainland, and the world, as they have their homeland. Their progressive style of Roots Reggae has been showcased at some of the West Coast's most prestigious festivals and their club shows down the coast attract a fan-base that grows exponentially with each visit.
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Yet even as they tour more and more throughout the US and abroad, Hawaii and its influences remain. The crossroads of Hawaii has created a uniquely diverse population and their membership and sound certainly reflects this. And even as they push the evolution of their sound further and further, the tenets of both Roots Reggae and the Hawaiian nation form the foundation on which they continue to build on. Ooklah the Moc is a microcosm of a world getting smaller and more connected with each passing day: when each person contributes their unique upbringing and perspective in a conscious and positive way, a sum is created which is certainly greater than its parts.

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"[Ooklah the Moc has] a refreshingly unassuming and mature sound that has helped them build a loyal fan base and has contributed to the American roots revival of the late '90s and early 21st century."

"Ooklah the Moc deals strictly in '70s-style roots-and-culture reggae, with a strong religious bent and a marked tendency towards trippy dub-wise instrumental excursions. Even at this early stage in its career, the band is already showing itself capable of writing songs with interesting chord structures, elegant horn charts and rich, well-balanced production."
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