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The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival is proud to announce that Mighty Crown, The B-Side Players, Candelaria and Saritah have all been added to perform at this year's festival.  With a roster of 31 artists announced so far, the lineup for SNWMF 2014 is nearing completion but we'll still have more artist additions in the weeks to come.

With 2 stages and a "Jamaican-style" Late-Night Dancehall, SNWMF is a great way to kick off your summer. Our festival is very "family-friendly" with an extensive array of children's activities, including arts and crafts, dance & music workshops, a festival parade and family and alter-able camping. The beautiful streaming colors and exotic aromas makes the international festival village an attractive marketplace of food and craft booths.

Advance tickets to our 21st annual summer solstice gathering are now available online and via mail order along with limited on-site camping.  As always, children 12 and under are free if accompanied by a paid adult.

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In This Newsletter:
Mighty Crown will Perform in the Dancehall this Year
The B-Side Players are Coming to Boonville
Saritah Confirmed to Perform at SNWMF 2014
Candelaria to Nice-Up SNWMF Once Again

Mighty Crown

From the first day they have started playing sound, Masta Simon and Sami-T, and other members of Mighty Crown always had a bigger aim, which was to bust their sound in foreign. They started living in the United States from the early 90's and gradually learned the Jamaican language and the dancehall flex by hanging out in studios, record shops, and in the streets of Brooklyn, NY. Mighty Crown is one of the sounds to prove to the world that reggae music is an international music. The music for the people worldwide. Mighty Crown has become very influential to the reggae scene due to their talent, ability, love, and devotion to the reggae music. 

The B-Side Players

The B-Side Players are an 8-piece band that honors the international cross-pollination that has always made music the universal language. They use any beat that catches their ear, regardless of geography or genre, to create a compelling, horndriven, polyrhythmic groove. The B-Side Players have been laying down their own inimitable latin global funk since they came together in 1994. Their incendiary live shows have defined them as local favorites with 10 San Diego Music awards. Meanwhile their albums showcase a band with restless musical intelligence, effortlessly blending genres to fashion their own forward looking, latin flavored soul music. As an eight piece band the players are known for igniting crowds with their fierce rhythms and uplifting message of unity and consciousness. Meanwhile always keeping their focus on the political climate of the world and nation. The B-Side Players are a living and breathing cultural art experience for the mind body and soul. 


Saritah has a positive vision for the future which shines through every word she sings and every note she plays. Inspiring, uplifting and playfully powerful, Saritah’s live shows are colourful celebrations of life. South Korean born, raised in Australia, She is a dynamic performer who delivers a potent combination of feminine spirit, conscious lyrics and heartful melodies. Her songs embody a unique union of roots, reggae, soul, acoustic and dancehall. The latest album Dig Deep reveals an artist at the next level of her career. It is a vibrant, rich album that unites roots reggae, dancehall, pop and nu-soul flavours on a courageous journey through universal conditions of joy, loss, inspiration and faith. The songs deal with personal evolution as the starting point for global revolution. 


In 2006, three musicians from across the globe found themselves in the Bay Area --scouring Craigslist for other like-minded musicos, ready to take their musicianship to a different level-- and though they didn't know it at the time, these folks were on the verge of creating a previously unknown style of music: CumbiaDub. The originally electro-cumbia Latin dance group began to experiment with Indian Ragas, mixing African highlife guitar lines with reggaeton and dancehall beats, combining tablas and Colombian gaita flutes. While still rooted in cumbia and reggae, Candelaria began to develop a unique sound all their own. Candelaria truly reflects the beauty of the multicultural world we live in today and the diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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To Purchase Tickets and Camping Online Click Here - Once again, SNWMF has teamed up with EventBrite for this year's online purchases, so you can now buy and print out your tickets right from your home!  

To Purchase Tickets and Camping Via Mail Order:
To purchase Advance Music Tickets and Car/SUV Camping Tickets, please send your check or money order, made payable to SNWMF, along with a 49¢ stamp with your name & address printed legibly.  No envelope needed.  Camping tickets for Busses and RV's must be purchased

Mail to:
SNWMF 2014
PO Box 208
Ryde, CA  95680

The Artists of SNWMF 2014...

Peace. Love. Music.

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