Lost Coast Marimbas are a unique, dynamic ensemble that blends a variety of musical styles with innovative instruments to produce a stirring, enchanting sound that inspires audiences of all ages. The band has an enthusiastic approach to popular music that encourages creative expression by combining rock & roll, jazz, reggae and world beat. Established in 1993, the Lost Coast Marimbas have been lighting up the Northern California local music scene for over ten years with their melodic pulse and rhythmic groove.

Lost Coast Marimbas enjoy a rich and colorful history among a lively cast of energetic members who combine social awareness, cultural diversity and vibrant sound in their music. The roots of the band were formed as early as 1986 with the groups Garberville Marimba Band and Los Hombres and several of the original musicians have continued playing together throughout the years. The Garberville Marimba Band produced the compilation “Emerald Forest” in 1991, which generated success both nationally and internationally and will be re-released in the coming year.

In 2005, Lost Coast Marimbas released a CD with 11 tracks that capture much of the prime material of the 21st century. The CD is entitled Lost Coast Marimbas and received frequent airtime at local radio stations and was well-promoted during the 2005 north coast festival circuit.

Lost Coast Marimbas explore numerous elements of music by composing on a variety of uncommon, culturally diverse instruments. They create their unique sound by integrating a keyboard section of a bass marimba, a 3-octave marimba, and two 4 ½-octave marimbas with an innovative percussion section of congas, bongos, and various other instruments such as electric guitar, violin, saxophone and flute. The band play marimbas handcrafted by founding member Bryce Gray, who exhibits these unique instruments annually at the Oregon Country Faire.

Lost Coast Marimbas are a versatile band available for a variety of events from well-established venues to weddings, parties and special occasions. They regularly appear at festivals and events in Northern California and perform annually at several popular events such as: The Summer Arts and Music Festival in Benbow; The North Country Faire in Arcata; and Roll on the Mattole in Petrolia, and Trinity Tribal Stomp in They have also made three appearances at Reggae on the River in 1993, 2001, and 2005. Lost Coast Marimbas have played with such greats as Little Feat, New Riders of the Purple Sage, The David Nelson Band, Clan Dyken and many others.

Lost Coast Marimbas are eager to share their creative vision with people seeking self-expression and harmonious interaction with music and art. Please contact them if you are interested in becoming part of this magical and exciting experience.