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Loco Bloco

For the past ten years, Loco Bloco has brought its explosion of rhythm, movement, color and passion to the streets of the Mission District for San Francisco's Carvaval. No less than 300 participants--drummers, dancers and towering stilt-walkers shimmie, samba and salsa through the streets, lifting everyone's spirits.

Every performance and production by Loco Bloco has been infused with passion to create a better world.

Founded in 1994 by artists and activists of color Heather Watkins, Karla Castillo, Jose Carrasco and Patricia Ovando, Loco Bloco has provided thousands of youth from low income communities free classes in percussion, dance and theater. Drawing from African, Latino and indigenous cultural currents, Loco Bloco empowers youth of color by connecting them to art forms reflective of their cultural heritage. The adult teachers and staff do much more than simply provide classes. They have closely mentored youth over the last decade by creating art together, traveling together--to places like Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Havasu Indian Reservatio--and providing guidance on peer, family and health issues.

Loco Bloco will be bringing their Carnaval craziness to this year's Sierra Nevada World Music Festival with parades, performances and much more. Look for them!!

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