A gathering of different influences of the world in each member of KORADUB gives birth to a multicultural music that dances to the Universe. The force of the Andean Montains, the knowledge of the Ganges River, the pulsing heart of Africa sings out through KORADUB's spirit in an international Mixture of sustainable Consciousness and Psychedelia.

The band is a mix of musicians: Tiano Bless is a singer, producer and composer, and winner of various dancehall contests. Nicolas Urbina is a singer, sitar player, director and composer of the first Afrobeat in Chile, Newen. Kai Markus, bass player, is a foundation member and producer of the international Chilean reggae band, AbyaYala. Mister F. is a keyboard player and educational music composer. Martin Concha is an experimented guitarist. SebaTierra is a kora player and founder of the afro scene in Chile and Chino Aros, is a flutist.

Unifying all cultures through world sounds, Koradub opens your senses to a new and beautiful world.