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Hamsa Lila

Inspiration & Intention
Hamsa Lila is inspired by earthy trance grooves from a variety of cultures, including North and West Africa, the Americas, India and the Caribbean.

Through Acoustic Trance, Hamsa Lila presents traditional and originally composed material set within a new creative ritual of celebration, while honoring the ancestors and the spirit of indigenous music.

The Sounds
Blending the rootsy sound of the bass-like camel-skinned Guimbri from Jajouka, these two instruments from Morocco create resonant grooves that spiral around West African drums, while ethereal Flutes, Worldwinds and the impassioned soul waking sounds of the Saxophone weave through powerful male and female vocal chants and lush harmonies. The songs contain mesmerizing and trance inducing rhythms and melodies, producing an atmosphere of Euphoria.


The Show
A feast for the senses blending colors, incense, costuming and imagery (slides, video & shadow) along with belly dance, African dance, Capoiera artists, fire dancers and contact improv.

The Meaning of Hamsa Lila
hamsa - an ancient amulet shared by both Arabic and Hebrew traditions representing the hand and the number 5, used for greeting & magical protection of the 5 senses. Hamsa in Sanskrit means swan and refers to Divine Breath.

lila - A night ritual of Gnawa people of Morocco. The Lila is a rich ceremony that follows a path through the night whose road is marked in the sensory realms of sound (music, song), sight (colors), smells (incense) and movement (dance). This musical ritual enables participants to enter a trance state of healing purification in which they may perform startling and spectacular dances. Lila in Sanskrit is the Cosmic Play.

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