"The message - the real message - of reggae music has to be conveyed clearly and powerfully to the people", says Comanche High Power owner/ selector Daddy Stevo. "This message of love and unity, of tolerance and perseverance, of good over evil must be broadcast with authority. To me, that means a quality custom sound, well-pressed vinyl and a healthy respect for tradition - the hard work of the true pioneers & originators of soundsystem..."

Armed with an ever-expanding 20+ year reggae vinyl collection, Comanche finds and brings to light the many diverse & highly underrated artists both in reggae history and modern roots and culture dancehall music, while mixing in more well-known classic 'anthems'.

Comanche is proud to be the builder and engineer of SNWMF's dancehall sound system for the fifth straight year 'for your maximum musical pleasure'.

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