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"We're up around five figures now", says selector Daddy Stevo of Comanche High Power, referring to the sheer number of reggae  vinyl records in his archive, amassed over the last 25 years.

This ever-expanding collection, which spans the musical history of Jamaica and 'anywhere good reggae comes from', forms the basis of the sound's message-driven musical mission.  Seeking to educate and uplift the community, Comanche selectors dig deep into the music to find and bring to light the many highly underrated and unsung artists both in reggae history and modern roots and cultural dancehall music - as well as more well-known selections - all on original vinyl records.

"We're fortunate to have such a great festival so close to where we live because it enables us to bring as many records as we like to the festival to be heard.  I brought a couple thousand of my best last year, just in case..."  Comanche is also honored to be the builder and engineer of SNWMF's dancehall sound system for the second straight year, pushing an 'undisclosed number' of watts through Comanche's custom set for your maximum musical pleasure.
Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

Stevo's 'sound education' began at an early age, experimenting with his parents' beloved reverb amp & 8-track tape/record changer setup "when they weren't around, of course". A few years as an apprentice and technician at a TV & stereo repair shop in San Francisco confirmed his passion for sound (and manipulating it).

Stevo explains how the sound got its name: "Some years ago when my grandmother's health started to deteriorate, she began to tell stories of how her husband (my grandfather, who passed in 1956) was forced by 'cultural circumstances' to conceal his true Plains Indian heritage and live his life in Texas and Arizona as a 'swarthy, dark-haired Irishman'."

"When I first heard of this,it was around the time that I was trying to imagine what I might name the sound, and it just seemed natural to honor his and my own heritage, no matter how long it was hidden, so I figured I'd put the name front and center: Comanche."

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