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Escape From Babylon – Alborosie’s debut album on Greensleeves Records was released in the UK in June of 2009. The U.S. version of the album will include six additional tracks and will be released under the name Escape From Babylon To The Kingdom Of Zion. This album is the realisation of this rising reggae star’s calling as a consummate singer / songwriter. A virtuoso from a very early age, Alborosie’s story starts in Italy where at 15 he becomes a founding member of a reggae band called Reggae National Ticket. Signed to BMG Italia, they enjoyed huge success and record sales in excess of 200,000 units.

Already wanting to leave his “Italian Babylon” Alborosie decided to quit the band, get rid of all his possessions and move to Jamaica. Looking to find a place he could call his spiritual home, Alborosie immersed himself more fully into the music, the people, the vibe and culture of the island.

“My destiny was to follow a journey similar to the early days of many great talents and musical legends before

It was tough at the beginning. Alborosie found work in a studio working as a mixing engineer but struggled for a few years despite gaining a lot of experience. A chance meeting with Gee Street Records founder, Jon Baker led to a steady gig as house engineer and producer for Jon’s Geejam Studios in Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica. While at Geejam Alborosie became an ‘in‐demand’ producer for several international artists and remixing music for J Records, Mario, Angie Stone, UB40, Manu Chao and Les Nubians (Virgin) to name a few.

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Alborosie then embarked on making a name for himself as a reggae artist. Alborosie’s self‐penned singles “Herbalist” and “Kingston Town” released in 2008 did well in Jamaica and across the waters in the UK with strong radio support. A tour followed where Alborosie headlined major festivals in Europe (Rototom, Uppsala etc). Meanwhile back in Jamaica artists were queuing up to work with him. He released “Call On Jah” and “Rastafari Anthem” in late 2008 and collaborated with some of the island’s biggest artists including Luciano, Michael Rose, Morgan Heritage, Ky‐Mani Marley, Jah Cure, Beenie Man and most recently with Etana on the superb “Blessings”.

On his new album Escape From Babylon To The Kingdom Of Zion, Alborosie offers an exceptional album paying respect to his heroes from Reggae’s golden age (Black Uhuru, Burning Spear, Steel Pulse and Bob Marley) and infusing this timeless music with a touch of modern roots and dancehall. The lead single “Stepping Out” features David Hinds from the famed reggae band Steel Pulse. They are informing everyone that the Rasta Man is stepping out and coming to the world. The song “Mama She Don’t Like You” is a humorous ska laden track with enough feel good elements for a great crossover summer hit. “One Sound”, a collaboration with Gramps from Morgan Heritage offers a powerful yet simple message: “One Love, One Heart, One Sound, One Destiny”. Displaying his versatility on “Blue Movie Boo”, Alborosie gives us a peek into his erotic side with this song and video that uses an updated version of the classic trailer load of girls riddim from Shabba Ranks. Included on the 2009 One‐Drop Anthems album, the successful track “Humbleness” speaks to those that are blinded by the power they possess. The closing track is the thought‐provoking “America,” Alborosie sings about power, globalization and war set against an upbeat rockers rhythm. Escape From Babylon To The Kingdom Of Zion is produced by Alborosie and C. “Specialist” Dillon and stands as a classic album in the making with lush production and heartfelt song writing. Just like Bob Marley and Burning Spear before him Alborosie hopes to join the pantheon of Reggae artists that have won a Grammy not from publicity and hype but from heartfelt song writing and simple beautiful music.

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